Microwave Reactor

Our microwave reactor is a sophisticated laboratory instrument designed to accelerate chemical reactions by using microwave radiation to heat reaction mixtures rapidly and efficiently. This technology leverages the selective absorption of microwave energy by polar molecules, facilitating faster and more controlled heating than conventional methods. Microwave reactors are used in various fields, including organic synthesis, materials science, and nanotechnology, enabling researchers to achieve higher yields and reduced reaction times. Our products come in various configurations, such as single-mode and multimode reactors, and are equipped with advanced safety features.

Microwave Reactor LB-10MR

Microwave Reactor LB-10MR

Frequency 2450 MHz ± 50 MHz
Power consumption 1100 W
Output Power 750 W
Input current 7.8 A
Microwave Reactor LB-11MR

Microwave Reactor LB-11MR

Frequency Adjustable
Power consumption 1100 W
Output Power 650 W
Input current 7.8 A
Microwave Reactor LB-20MR

Microwave Reactor LB-20MR

Frequency 2450 MHz ± 15 Hz
Microwave output mode Continuous wave
Output Power ≤ 750 W (continuously adjustable automatically)
Total input power ≤ 1300 W


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