Cell counter

A cell counter is a laboratory instrument used for rapid and accurate quantification of cells in biological samples. It employs various methods, including manual counting with a hemacytometer or automated counting using flow cytometry or image analysis. Automated cell counters are increasingly popular due to their speed and precision. They work by suspending cells in a solution and passing them through a sensor that detects and counts individual cells based on their size, shape, and optical properties. Our devices are essential in biological and medical research, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development, allowing scientists and healthcare professionals to assess cell viability, concentration, and perform differential counts. The data obtained from cell counting plays a critical role in a wide range of applications, from monitoring patient health and disease diagnosis to optimizing cell culture and bioprocessing in biotechnology and drug development, contributing to the advancement of science and medicine.

Somatic Cell Counter
Somatic cell counter LB-10SOC

Somatic cell counter LB-10SOC

Capacity ≤ 100 samples/h
Measurement range 0 to 10000000 cell/ml
Measuring cell size 2 to 30 µm
Analysis time 20 to 60 sec


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