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Bacti-Cinerator sterilizer LB-21BCNS

Bacti-Cinerator sterilizer LB-21BCNS

Bacti-Cinerator sterilizer LB-21BCNS is an easy to use table top sterilizing unit that use IR heat for organic material incineration. Sterilization takes 5 to 7 seconds at an optimum sterilizing temperature. The ceramic element is asbestos free ensuring maximum stability. Precise temperature control prevents components from overheating.

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Optional Accessories
Center high temperature 825 °C ± 50 °C
Maximum sterilizer goods diameter Φ 35 mm
Length of sterilizer 100 mm
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 98 x 162 x 225 mm
Adjustable angle range 55 °
Heater power 220 V
120 V
Power 320 W
Power supply AC 220 V ; 50 Hz ; 1 A
AC 120 V ; 60 Hz ; 1 A
Weight 1.3 kgs
  1. IR heat based instant sterilization
  1. Asbestos free ceramic element
  1. Adjustable heater
  1. Prevents infectious spatter and cross contamination
  1. Safeguards laboratory personnel
  1. Ideal for anaerobic chambers

Accessory No Accessory
1 Holder

Used in sterilization of platinum inoculating loops, needles, glass tube/pipette mouths, various metals, borosilicate glass instruments and quality control and research

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