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Glass Tube Air Dryer LB-21GTAD

Glass Tube Air Dryer LB-21GTAD

Glass tube air dryer LB-21GTAD is a microprocessor controlled unit with internal blower. It is characterized with complete electronic temperature control for heat oriented tube drying.

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Unit material Stainless steel
Number of tubes 20
Temperature control 120 °C
Blast rate 9 m2 / min
Power 800 W
Power supply AC 110 V; 60 Hz
AC 220 V; 50 Hz
Dimensions 405 × 430 mm
Weight 8 kgs
  1. Low noise internal blower
  1. High temperature resistant blower
  1. Anti-corrosive stainless steel structural unit

Used in colleges and universities, scientific research units, industrial mining enterprise, petrochemicals and medicine

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