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Abbe Refractometer LB-10ABBE

Abbe Refractometer LB-10ABBE

Abbe refractometer LB-10ABBE is a microprocessor controlled benchtop unit. The modulated system employs rapid and accurate measurement of refractive index, average dispersion and partial dispersion. The automated temperature correction promotes accurate result delivery.

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Measuring range Refractive index: 1.3000 nD ~ 1.7000 nD
Brix: 0 % ~ 95 %
Magnification of telescope objective 2 X
Magnification of reading objective 22 X
Dimensions 270 × 180 × 370 mm
Weight 3.5 kgs
  1. Digital LCD screen for visual monitoring of set parameters
  1. Thermostatic control
  1. Automated measuring system
  1. Facilitates data storage
  1. RS232 and USB communication interface
  1. Anti-corrosive structural unit

Used for measuring the refractive index of cane sugar, pharmaceutical products, beverages, petroleum products, food, chemicals, etc.

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