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Tank Type Electric Furnace LB-13TEF

Tank Type Electric Furnace LB-13TEF

Tank type electric furnace LB-13TEF is a table top unit with anticorrosive, stainless steel light chamber. Microprocessor PID controller installed at the base of chamber accurately controls temperature. Programmable controller provides procedural circulation of temperature, time and heating power. Door seals aid in the reduction of heat loss, thus improving chamber temperature uniformity. Safety devices include unique designed door and auto power cut off switch for end user safety.

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Chamber volume 30 L
Chamber dimensions ( W × D × H ) 300 × 500 × 200 mm
Maximum temperature 1000 °C
Power 12 kW
Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz
  1. Prevention from high temperature gas leaking
  1. High quality electric stove wire (heating element)
  1. Digital display parameters viewing and control
  1. Ceramic thermal insulation (fiber board)
  1. Optional chamber : fireproofing title chamber and ceramic fiber chamber

Used in heating for ultimate analysing, measuring, quenching, annealing and tempering of small steel parts in laboratories, R&D institutions, etc. Also used for firing, dissolving and analysing of metal, ceramic, etc.

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