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Advanced Thermostatic Heating mantle LB-61HMT

Advanced Thermostatic  Heating mantle  LB-61HMT

Advanced thermostatic heating mantle LB-61HMT is table top heating mantle with a capacity of 100 mL. It features a PID temperature controller and has an optimum temperature of 380 °C with maximum temperature resistance up to 450 °C. It consists of an outer thermocouple that measures and controls the liquid temperature value together with the front panel and an inner thermocouple that controls and measures the heating mantle temperature.

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Standard Accessories
Capacity 100 mL
Power 130 W
Temperature 380 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 1 °C
Voltage 160 V ̴ 240 V, 110 V ̴ 120 V
  1. Capacity of 100 mL
  1. Continuous working time
  1. Alkali-free glass fiber
  1. PID temperature control
  1. Customized mantle available
  1. Insulating course material of alumina silicate fiber

Accessory No. Accessory Quantity
A1 Removable holder 1
A2 Clamp with screw 1
A3 Inner Thermocouple (4 - spin) 1
A4 Outer Thermocouple (4 - spin) 1
·         Stainless Steel Length: 235mm
·         Wire length : 1000mm
A5 Magnetic bead 1
·         Designed specifically for round bottom flasks
·         PTFE - coated
·         Length: 20mm
·         Diameter : 10 mm

Used in laboratories to apply heat to containers , samples , for distillations that require high temperatures , health care and other fields

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