Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester

Our accelerated iron corrosion tester is a specialized laboratory apparatus used to simulate and assess the corrosion resistance of iron-based materials rapidly. It replicates harsh environmental conditions, such as humidity, salt spray, and temperature variations, to accelerate the corrosion process and evaluate the durability of iron and steel products. Commonly utilized in the automotive, construction, and industrial sectors, this tester helps manufacturers and researchers understand how materials will perform under corrosive conditions. By subjecting specimens to these accelerated corrosion tests, it aids in material selection, development, and quality control, ensuring that iron-based products meet corrosion resistance standards and can withstand real-world exposure to harsh environments.

Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester LB-10AIC
Temperature range RT ~ 99.9 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Number of test samples 4
Stirring speed 1000 rpm ± 50 rpm


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