Biochemical Incubator

Our biochemical incubator is a specialized laboratory instrument used for the controlled growth, maintenance, and observation of microorganisms, cells, and biochemical reactions. It provides a stable and controlled environment with precise temperature and humidity regulation, typically used for culturing, fermenting, and testing various biological samples. These incubators are essential in fields such as microbiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology, ensuring optimal conditions for cell culture and bacterial growth. They come in various sizes and configurations, offering features like digital controls, adjustable shelving, and contamination prevention measures to facilitate a wide range of research, diagnostic, and production processes while maintaining a sterile and controlled environment for biological experiments and studies.

Biochemical Incubator LB-10BCI

Biochemical Incubator LB-10BCI

Capacity 800 L
Temperature control range 0 to 50°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Fluctuation ± 1°C


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