Cassette Printer

A cassette printer is a specialized device used in medical laboratories and pathology departments to create printed labels for specimen cassettes, which are containers used to hold tissue samples or specimens taken during medical procedures. These printers are designed to produce durable, legible, and barcoded labels that provide vital information about the specimen, including patient details, sample type, and date. Cassette printers are equipped with user-friendly interfaces and software that allow for easy data input and customization of label content. Labotronics cassette printers typically use thermal transfer printing technology, which ensures long-lasting, smudge-resistant labels that can withstand exposure to various laboratory reagents and environmental conditions. Properly labelled cassettes are crucial for accurate sample tracking, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring the integrity of patient data and diagnosis. These printers play a vital role in healthcare by enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of specimen management and processing in laboratory settings.

Cassette printer LB-10CSP

Cassette printer LB-10CSP

Printing method Laser
Printing speed ≥ 600 pcs/hour
Ink color Black
Cassette capacity 160 pcs


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