Clinical refractometer

We provide a clinical refractometer, a specialized medical device used in healthcare settings for measuring the refractive index of various bodily fluids like urine and serum. It provides valuable diagnostic information about the concentration of specific solutes, such as proteins, electrolytes, and glucose. Operating on the principle that the refractive index of a solution changes with solute concentration, clinical refractometers are equipped with a sample well and precise optics to deliver quick and accurate results.

Clinical refractometers LB-10CRR

Clinical refractometers LB-10CRR

Measurement range 0 ~ 12 g / dl
1.000 ~ 1.050 sg
1.3300 RI ~ 1.3600 RI
Minimum division 0.2 g / dl
0.005 sg
0.0005 RI
Accuracy ± 0.2 g/ dl
± 0.005 sg
± 0.0005 RI
Length 160 mm
Clinical refractometers LB-11CRR

Clinical refractometers LB-11CRR

Measurement range 0~12 g / dl
1.000~1.050 sg
Minimum division 0.2 g /dl
0.002 sg
Accuracy ± 0.2 g/ dl
± 0.002 sg
Length 160 mm


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