Dark Petroleum Sulfur Content Tester

Labotronics dark petroleum sulfur content tester is a specialized analytical instrument designed for determining the sulfur content in dark-colored petroleum products, such as crude oil and heavy fuel oil. It utilizes advanced analytical techniques, often based on combustion and detection methods, to accurately quantify the sulfur content in these complex hydrocarbon matrices. This tester is essential in the oil and gas industry for quality control, environmental compliance, and refining processes. Monitoring sulfur levels is critical as high sulfur content can lead to increased air pollution and equipment corrosion. Our dark petroleum sulfur content tester ensures that petroleum products meet regulatory standards, allowing for efficient and sustainable energy production while minimizing environmental impact.

Dark Petroleum Sulphur Content Tester LB-10DST
Temperature range RT ~ 950 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 1 °C
Flow measurement range 80 mL/min ~ 800 mL/min
Flow rate 25 min ~ 65 min


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