High Pressure Homogenizer

Labotronics High Pressure Homogenizer is a powerful laboratory or industrial equipment designed to break down and blend various substances under extremely high pressure. It operates by forcing a sample through a narrow space or orifice at elevated pressure levels, resulting in efficient particle size reduction and uniform mixing. Our versatile device is commonly used in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and more for tasks like cell disruption, emulsification, and particle size reduction. It offers the ability to produce stable emulsions, enhance product consistency, and improve overall product quality, making it an indispensable tool for industries requiring high-pressure processing and particle size control in their applications.

High Pressure Homogenizer LB-10HPH

High Pressure Homogenizer LB-10HPH

Operating pressure ( Maximum ) 256 MPa ( 37,120 psi )
Capacity 50 ml/times
( Each time you add sample )
Pressure plate speed 6.8 mm/s
Pressure stroke ( Maximum ) 170 mm
High Pressure Homogenizer LB-20HPH

High Pressure Homogenizer LB-20HPH

Machine pressure ( Maximum ) 120 MPa ( 17,400 psi )
Operating pressure ( Maximum ) 150 MPa ( 21,750 psi )
Motor power 1.5 kW
Flow rate (Maximum ) 12 L/hr.


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