Microplate Luminometer

Labotronics microplate luminometer is a sophisticated laboratory instrument used for measuring the luminescence emitted from samples in microplates. It is commonly employed in various life science and drug discovery applications, including reporter gene assays, enzyme activity assays, and cell viability assessments. The instrument works by detecting and quantifying the light generated by chemical or biological reactions, where a light-emitting molecule, often a luciferase enzyme, interacts with a substrate. Microplate luminometers offer high sensitivity and are capable of providing precise and rapid measurements, making them invaluable for research involving gene expression, protein interactions, and cell-based assays. Their ability to analyze multiple samples simultaneously in microplate format makes them efficient and essential tools in modern biomedical and pharmaceutical research, enabling researchers to generate valuable data for a wide range of applications.

Microplate Luminometer LB-10MLU

Microplate Luminometer LB-10MLU

Wavelength range 300 nm ~ 650 nm
Measurement range 0 ~ 2.0 × 107 RLU
Measurement increment 1 RLU
Background signal ≤ 100 RLU at 25 °C


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