Paraffin Dispenser

A paraffin dispenser is a laboratory device specifically used in histology and pathology for melting and dispensing paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is commonly employed to embed and preserve tissue samples for microscopic examination. The dispenser is equipped with a heating mechanism that liquefies solid paraffin, making it easy to pour or dispense in a controlled and precise manner. This melted paraffin is then used to encase tissue samples, allowing them to be thinly sectioned for microscopic analysis. Paraffin dispensers are invaluable tools in laboratories and pathology centers, streamlining the tissue processing workflow and ensuring that paraffin is consistently and safely dispensed for embedding procedures. Their design and features contribute to the production of high-quality, well-preserved tissue samples that are essential for accurate diagnoses and research in the medical and life sciences fields.

Paraffin Dispenser LB-10PD

Paraffin Dispenser LB-10PD

Paraffin reservoir capacity 5 L
Temperature range 30 °C ~ 90 °C
Temperature increments 1 °C
Heating plate dimensions 310 mm × 150 mm


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