Paraffin Melting Apparatus

Our paraffin melting apparatus is a specialized laboratory device used for melting and maintaining the liquid state of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is commonly employed in histology and pathology laboratories for embedding tissue samples. The apparatus typically consists of a heating chamber with temperature control, where solid paraffin is loaded. By precisely regulating the temperature, the paraffin is melted and maintained in a liquid state, ready for embedding tissue specimens. This ensures a consistent and controlled supply of molten paraffin for the embedding process, which involves immersing tissue samples in the liquid paraffin before solidifying it for thin sectioning. Paraffin melting apparatuses are crucial in the preparation of tissue samples for microscopic examination as they streamline the embedding procedure, making it more efficient and reliable while contributing to the quality and accuracy of histological analysis in medical and research settings.

Paraffin Melting Apparatus LB-10PMA

Paraffin Melting Apparatus LB-10PMA

Working temperature range 45 °C ~ 80 °C
Heater power 400 W
Capacity 91 L
Shelves 3


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