Tissue Embedding System

A tissue embedding system is an essential piece of equipment in histology and pathology laboratories, facilitating the preparation of tissue samples for microscopic analysis. It involves a multi-step process, starting with the fixation and dehydration of tissue specimens, followed by their infiltration with a paraffin wax or other embedding medium. The tissue is then embedded in a mold using the embedding system, with precise temperature control ensuring that the embedding medium solidifies around the tissue. Once solidified, the tissue block can be sectioned into thin slices for mounting on slides, staining, and microscopic examination. Tissue embedding systems offer precise temperature regulation and automation features, ensuring the efficient and consistent preparation of tissue specimens for accurate diagnostic and research purposes.

Tissue Embedding System LB-10TES

Tissue Embedding System LB-10TES

Power supply AC 220 V; 50 Hz
AC 110 V; 60 Hz
Complete system dimensions 1420 × 1910 × 1340 mm
Complete system weight 61.5 kgs


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