Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Our laboratory freeze dryer, also known as a lyophilizer or freeze-drying machine, is essential equipment in scientific research, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry. It is designed to remove moisture from various materials by freezing them and then subjecting them to a vacuum, causing the frozen water to sublimate directly from a solid to a gas state, leaving behind the dried material with minimal loss of structure and biochemical activity. The freeze-drying process preserves the integrity of temperature-sensitive samples such as biological compounds, pharmaceuticals, and food products. Freeze dryers consist of three main components: a freezing chamber, a vacuum chamber, and a condenser. The material is first frozen in the freezing chamber, then placed in a vacuum where heat is applied to sublimate the ice, and the vapor is captured and condensed in the condenser. Our freeze dryers are available in various sizes, from benchtop models for small-scale lab work to larger industrial units for mass production. These instruments are indispensable for producing shelf-stable and lightweight products, reconstituting biological samples, and extending the shelf life of heat-sensitive materials.

Multi-pipe Vacuum Freeze Dryer LB-10MVFD
Freeze Drying Area 0.12 m²
Condenser capacity 3 to 4 kg/24h
Condenser temperature < ­50 ⁰C
Vacuum pressure 6×10⁻²Pa


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