Sulfur Content Tester

Our Sulfur Content Tester is a specialized analytical instrument designed for determining the sulfur concentration in various petroleum products. Employing methods such as combustion or ultraviolet fluorescence, the tester provides accurate and rapid measurements, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and quality standards. Widely used in the oil and gas industry, this instrument plays a crucial role in monitoring sulfur levels, a key parameter affecting fuel quality and emissions. By facilitating precise sulfur content analysis, the tester contributes to the optimization of refining processes, compliance with regulatory requirements, and the production of cleaner and higher-quality fuels, thus promoting environmental sustainability and industry compliance.

Sulfur Content Tester (Lamp Method) LB-10SCT
Glassware components 5 tubes
Sucking pump 220 V, 60 W
Compliance ASTM D1266
Ambient temperature 10 °C ~ 40 °C
Sulfur Content Tester (Quartz-Tube method) LB-11SCT
Temperature controlling range 900 °C ~ 950 °C
Flow meter 100 mL/min ~ 1000 mL/min
Stroke time (adjustable) 30 min, 40 min, 50 min, 60 min
Tubular tube route 150 mm


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