Cetane Analyzer

Our wide range of cetane analyzer is a specialized instrument used in the petroleum and automotive industries to measure the cetane number of diesel fuel. The cetane number is a critical parameter that determines the ignition quality of diesel fuel, with higher values indicating better ignition performance. Cetane analyzers typically utilize a combustion chamber and optical sensors to evaluate the ignition delay period of the fuel. This data assists in assessing the fuel's quality, combustion efficiency, and potential for engine knock or noise. By ensuring diesel fuel meets specific cetane number requirements, these analyzers help optimize engine performance, reduce emissions, and improve fuel economy.

Cetane Analyzer LB-10CAZ

Cetane Analyzer LB-10CAZ

Engine speed 900 rpm ± 9 rpm
Piston stroke 114.3 mm
Cylinder bore diameter 82.55 mm
Compression ratio range (adjustable) 8:1 ~ 36:1


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