Fixed Gas Analyzer

A fixed gas analyzer is a specialized instrument designed for continuous monitoring and measurement of specific gases in industrial or environmental settings. Our analyzers are permanently installed at fixed locations, offering real-time data on gas concentrations to ensure safety, environmental compliance, and process control. Depending on the application, they can measure gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, or volatile organic compounds. Fixed gas analyzers utilize various detection technologies, including infrared, electrochemical, and semiconductor sensors, to provide accurate and reliable gas concentration data.

Fixed Gas Analyzer LB-21FXA

Fixed Gas Analyzer LB-21FXA

Sensor High sensitivity sensor
Sampling method Diffusion
Detection range CO, O2, Cl2, SO2, O3, CO2, CH4, H2S, NH3, NO, NO2, H2, LEL, LPG, PID, EXP, CH4 (IR), C3H8 (IR)
Operating humidity ( non-condensing ) 15 % to 90 % RH


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